When I first bought the Phoenix nest, it was owned by an older couple. They had lived here over 30 years and raised their family here. It’s a really sweet and sturdy house, and I can’t be happier with my choice to move here.

That’s not to say that I totally loved all the aesthetics of this house. In fact, the summer I moved in I spent a LOT of time painting and redecorating.

Kitchen further
When I toured the House.

My kitchen is sturdy and serviceable. Though my house was built in 1956, the kitchen was renovated in the 1990’s. I don’t mind that it’s not the latest and greatest in design, but do plan to update and renovate over time. Aside from removing the pear wallpaper, and painting, I have previously done much to this room. Floor tiles in general are not my favorite, because I just feel like they are so hard to keep clean. I don’t know why. I have had tile in some of my previous houses and I would choose any other flooring option every time!

The reason flooring was targeted now, however was that the floor tiles were starting to pop up. I also had a willing worker to help me (a.k.a. Dad!). So I decided to go ahead with this flooring project before the camping season starts and the nice weather really hit.

Turns out that these tiles were SUPER popular in the 1990’s as evidenced by HGTV
I had a lot of helper dogs… and we also had a displace pantry so excuse the overflowing table!
Down the hallway at the end, you can see my storage hack! #IKEA

I have to say that taking up the tiles was a LOT more work than I had bargained it to be! I thought that for some reason that the tiles would be easy to pull up, since so many had just popped off the floor and were causing trip hazards! This proved not to be the case though, because apparently this had been an issue with the previous owners as there there FIVE different adhesives used on the subfloor. After it was finally all peeled, we put down some luan, which I learned is a very very thin layer of subfloor.

This was the product we used, we ended up going with “Fresh Oak”

I decided that with the amount of dogs that we have, I wanted to do a synthetic flooring option.  The one we used has a lifetime residential warranty and is water proof, scratch resistant and very durable.  It’s also rather soft to walk on if that makes any sense.

The Effect is Magical!

I never really understood or liked how the flooring in the kitchen transitioned with the tiles down the hall as well.  I know a lot of people really like the floors to be the same throughout.  However, I don’t necessarily mind if that’s not the case… but having the kitchen and hall being the same, and the living room and all the bedrooms being different… So I decided to take it through the living room too (Sorry Dad!).

My Very Loving Father… 

I would love to show a final final result of the floors, but alas, however they are completely covered with boxes from Joker’s house!  So we will wait on that.  I will say, I love doing work on my home.  It is very difficult and at times I know I wanted to give up and break down, but now that it’s done…  I am so happy with the results, and I feel like I enjoy them so much more knowing that I helped with the actual tearing up of tiles and the actual placing of boards.  (Not to say that I could have done this myself…)

Now if we can just unpack all the boxes so I can see them again.


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