Closing Time

When Joker and I met, we had both previously been married and as such we both owned our own homes.  When things started getting serious, there was a long discussion about which home we should adopt moving forward.  Long story short, we did decide for him to move into the Phoenix Nest, which he ostensibly did last July.


It’s official!  Joker officially sold his house on Friday, March 16.  I’ve been wanting to share this for a while, but I was just the teeniest bit afraid that I would jinx things for him!

It’s been a long road.  We spent the summer doing some fix it projects at his house.  There was a lot of wallpaper to take down, because if there is one thing that I have learned it’s that buyers DON’T want wallpaper!

Especially if it is covered in dogs… unless you are Joker, because this was in the house when he bought it.


They also don’t want race car walls… So we got rid of that too.


Finally a fresh coat of paint to the front door…

Subconsciously picked Tardis Blue

Naturally the offer and negotiation did not go terribly smoothly.  The buyers wanted an HGTV finish on a shoestring budget.  We quickly educated them on the difference between needs and wants.  For example, the Bannister NEEDed tightening because it was a safety issue.  The kitchen however did not NEED to be fully remodeled, nor the yard cleared of all the trees, that’s something you WANT.  In the end, though it all worked out.

In addition, since Joker has been so sick throughout February, we really had to crank out the packing and moving process into a one week period.  It was very stressful!  Now, we just have about 11 million boxes to unpack and we will be all set and ready to go!

Until Next Time,


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