What I’m Reading: Every Day and Another Day

It’s been posted all over my Facebook and YouTube ads for months.  The highly anticipated Every Day, a novel to movie adaptation of a New York Times best seller by David Levithan.

Every Day is a novel that follows a character named simply “A.”  The premise is simple, A is a soul that wakes up everyday in a new body.  They only stay in the body for one day, and then move on the following day.  They progress in age, inhabiting someone of their own age.  However, they could be male, female, or gender non-conforming. A has a code of ethics to “do no harm” to the body he inhabits, and to just get through each day.

Naturally the impetus of the book is that A meets a girl that they just cannot get enough of, while inhabiting the body of her boyfriend.  He (in her boyfriend’s body) throws caution to the wind and allows her in.  Though A moves on, this girl (Rhiannon) stays in their mind.  Eventually A reveals themselves to Rhiannon, and a relationship of sorts is born.

It is interesting to note that this book explores themes of love, and gender non conformity.  Since A inhabits all sorts of bodies, they never identify as male or female.  As such, the book explores themes about love including if the outsides really matter, or if it is just the insides that count.  There is even a transgender character, well before transgender issues were mainstreamed.

Another Day was written by David Levithan in 2015.  It is a companion novel written from the perspective of Rhiannon.  Though it follows exactly the same pattern of the first book, the reader gets to see the other side, and really get’s a chance to see what Rhiannon is experiencing.  It does appear the that movie will be set more from this perspective, however I have not seen the movie, so I cannot confirm that.

I really wish that David Levithan had found a way to intertwine the stories in the original novel.  Having the books separated offer two different accounts of the story, which to me feels as if we are hearing the story in a trial.  I don’t know why!  I will say that I do feel that I understand why he felt the need to share Rhiannon’s side, because there is so much going on in her world that affects how she reacts, and I almost found her unlikable in the first book.  I do wonder if he initially wrote the two stories together, or if he did write them three years apart.

I have to say, I REALLY liked the concept of this book.  It was a thinker as they say, and I really like that David Levithan put out the idea and the concepts in the way that he did.  I also felt that the characters felt very authentic to me.  I really got into the story and read both books within a few hours (I am a speed reader!).

I am not sure yet if I will go and see the movie.  As behind as I am in reading, I am also behind in movies!

I am interested to hear if any of you have read the books or seen the movie!? Please leave me a comment and let me know.  If you haven’t, I do recommend them, and I would definitely read both novels to get the most out of the story.


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