Pack Up and Go

This may be surprising… but I actually LOVE to travel.  There is a sense of accomplishment of doing something to take me out of my element. A chance to try new things, and to be wacky and goofy around people that I will likely never see again.

It may also (not) be surprising that after the craziness of the past year, Joker and I have never had an opportunity to go away together for a weekend.  So, as his birthday approached I decided that this is what I wanted to give him.  I wanted to give him some time where we would just be him and I.  Away from the drama of the house sales and the boxes.  Away from obligations, and doggy duties and the same routine.

As I stumbled about the internet looking for inspiration for a trip, I stumbled upon a “surprise” Travel Agency called “Pack Up and Go.”  The premise is simple.  You give them a budget, they plan a trip for you.  All you have to do, is literally pack up and go.  I was intrigued.  I fell in love with the idea of a mystery adventure, and the idea that I could just sit back and let someone else do all the stressful parts.  Naturally I was a little nervous that we might get sent somewhere strange, but figured that since we were doing a road trip option it was pretty low risk (I live in New England, there is a TON to see and do).

So I signed us up.  I filled out a survey, with some check box and some open ended questions.  And as promised, one week before the trip we got an e-mail with a weather forecast and a few clues. A few days before the trip, we received the packet from the company, sealed up and ready to go.  Inside we would later find, our destination city, tickets to a show and a comedy club, and itinerary to include stops along the way, and a curated list of suggestions for activities and food.  Honestly, we can do at least 2 more trips with the info that they provided!  It was up to us to decide how much we wanted to do.


The company suggests that you wait until you are in the car and ready to go before opening the reveal envelope…

But… We have never been much for rules, so instead we opened the envelope on Thursday night.  I honestly don’t think that this ruined anything for us.  We still felt as if it was a last minute surprise, but it did allow us a little more insight on deciding when to leave exactly.  I think if we hadn’t done the road trip option, I would have waited as suggested until we arrived where we were going for transport.

So where did we go???








We went to Philadelphia.  Joker had been there as a child… but I had not been there prior to this weekend.  So it was all and all a perfect choice.

More to come about the trip, so stay tuned!



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