Pack Up and Go: Day 1 Philadelphia

On the day that we left for our mystery trip, we decided to hit the road around 10.  So at 11 o’clock, we finished packing, left last minute instructions on the dogs for the sitter and got in the car.  Pack up and go suggested that we head first to Bella’s Cafe in New Haven.  Despite having gone to six years of college in that area, I had never heard of it.  So we went!

It was quite crowded for a mid Friday.
The lighting was not optimal… but we needed a selfie!
shrimp and grits
Shrimp and Grits

I’m not going to bore you all with photos of every meal that we ate, but this shrimp and grits just photographed really well.  Bella’s cafe was a great choice and we definitely plan to go back at some point, since it’s not terribly far.

The second stop they mentioned was a Botanical Garden, also in New Haven, CT.  However, since we have not even really seen spring yet, we decided that we would like to postpone our visit there until maybe later in the spring or early summer.

From there they suggested a museum and garden in Princeton, however, we had started later than recommended and did not make it to the museum before it closed at 4pm.  We opted instead to head straight to the hotel, to check in and relax a little before dinner and the show they had planned for us.



Philly first impression
First Sighting of Philly!

The hotel they booked us was a luxury hotel right in Logan Square.  I have no complaints of the accommodations.  Our room overlooked the square and our reservation included valet parking as well as free parking throughout the weekend.  We were easily able to get taxi’s when needed and were walking distance from a number of attractions as well.

One of the things that they asked on the survey included the reason for the trip.  We were celebrating Joker’s birthday, and we found a surprise in the room when we arrived.  (Which I would never have thought to ask about!).

birthday Macaron
A cute card and birthday macaron!


The view out of the hotel room window.
hotel room
Our room for the weekend

Though the macaron was delicious, we were getting a bit peckish.  So we headed to one of the suggested restaurants, called “The Dandelion.”  This was a English pub style restaurant and they were able to get us in with an early reservation.

Half of the Dandelion… I actually didn’t realize how big it was and cut off the door.

Most ironically, we were seated in the dog room, which did make us a little homesick for our puppies.  We knew they were in good hands though.  If you are ever in Philly, I can highly recommend this pub for great English fare, and a great ambiance.  Because the rooms were small it wasn’t too loud, and we had a really nice birthday dinner.



Me surrounded by dogs.
joker in the dog room.jpg
Joker in the dog room… Restaurants do not have great lighting.

Though the company stated that they would not be booking events for us on the website, we did have tickets for a show called “Noise’s Off” on Friday evening at the Walnut Street Theatre.  Fun fact about this place is that it is actually the oldest theater in the country and still does shows regularly.  They seem to do a mix of plays and musicals and throughout the year.  I had never heard of this show before, but some of our friends and family told us that we were going to love it.



The Walnut Street Theater
Theater didn’t have good lighting either.

The show was HILARIOUS.  Though the first ten minutes were a little slow and confusing, once the show picked up pace it was just non stop.  I found out that the play ran on Broadway with Carol Burnett and she also played in a film adaptation.  We plan to watch that version if we can because I LOVE Carol Burnett and I would be very interested to see her depiction.

After the show, we headed back to the hotel for a drink by the fire.  For the first time in our relationship, we retired to a bed that was occupied with zero dogs.  It was weird.


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