Pack Up and Go: Day 2 Philadelphia

Day 2 started off around 10:30/11. Enjoying the luxury of waking up with out a wet nose in our faces or barking in our ears. We decided that we would start the day off with lunch. Being in Philly, we HAD to try a traditional Philly Cheese-steak and our travel guide recommended Jim’s. Which is a fun little shop on South St. Though we should have picked up on it they day before, this was when we really started to realize how misleading buildings in Philly can be. Jim’s was no exception with a hidden lunch room on the second floor.

Jim’s had an old school vibe.

The cook at Jim’s told me that the “real” way to have a cheese-steak is with cheese whiz. I always thought there was another kind of cheese that they used, though when prompted could not think of what it was. I was also surprised to find out that the traditional sandwiches do not contain peppers.

I was not able to finish the entire sandwich!

South street is a great neighborhood for shopping, and unique stores. We found the Eye Gallery, where they had an eclectic mix of Latin American art. We tried rolled and mango boba at an Asian-style ice cream shop. We wandered the aisles of Atomic City Comics, and found some really cool things.

On our recommendations for things to do on this day was a visit to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens, which just so happens to also be on South Street and within walking distance to Jim’s. Since we did go there this day, I wanted to include a few teaser pictures here. However, this was such a cool place and I don’t want to gloss over it. I will be sharing more pictures and info in a separate blog post.

Finally some good lighting!
A sampling of the Garden
It was insanely beautiful

After the Magic Garden, we headed back to the hotel for a swim, a rest and showers before heading out again to dinner and our second date Pack Up and Go planned.

Decided we needed a cab selfie to commemorate our time in cabs

One of the recommended restaurants was Garces Trading Co. and we did not initially realize that this restaurant is owned by Iron Chef Jose Garces!  We did find out though, and were really excited to be able to snag an early reservation.  The food was amazing, and we had a very enjoyable and reasonably price meal.  The only minor negative was that the restaurant was open concept and very noisy.  Luckily, Joker and I were too busy savoring the food to worry about talking to each other too much.

Owned by Iron Chef Jose Garces!
dave garces
Joker anxiously awaiting our meal!

Our last stop of the evening was Helium comedy club.  The headlining show was Ryan Davis and his openers were T-Springs and Austin Hall.  All three were exceptionally funny and we really had a good time.  We were lucky to have had the tickets in advance, because the show was SOLD OUT!  The comedy club was also very nice, and there was a free meet and greet after the show, so we got to speak with all of the comedians.  That was actually really awesome, because you don’t often get to do that in most shows.

Like most places in Philly, it looks smaller than it is.


at the club
Waiting for the Meet and Greet!
Can’t remember the last time I had my shoes photographed… Joker, Ryan Davis and Myself

I considered not including this picture as it is VERY unflattering of me, but Ryan and Joker look great and I figured you all could use a laugh.  I was also amused to see that my socks match the carpet in the photo so it looks like I have no feet.

austin Todd
Joker, Austin Hall and Myself

Day two ended with us passing out around 11 pm… (Did I mention there was a two drink minimum at the club???).

I have to say, it was a thoroughly wonderful day with my best friend and I was so happy to have spent it with him.


P.S. There is nothing of note to write about Day 3.  We did have a recommendation for a stop on the return trip, but we were anxious to get through NYC before it got too late in the day.  So mostly, we got home on the earlier side and had some time to work on a project at home that I will be writing about soon!


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