Philadelphia Magic Gardens

One thing Philly does better than any city I have seen is street art.  There is a huge community embrace of the art of local artists.  Murals adorn just about every corner and building.  Rather than look run down and disheveled, with half painted gang signs and tags the art in Philly has a purpose.


One couple, Isaiah and Julia Zagar, were particularly influential in the preservation of art and bringing community projects to life.  Zagar’s work and influence can be seen around the city (they have maps for you to find it), but his art studio home base was for years on South Street.  Zagar took to decorating his studio, inside and out. When he ran out of space, he started in on the empty lot next door, creating a 3D art sculpture/grotto of found pieces.  Eventually, the owner’s of the lot discovered Zagar’s project and ordered him to take it down.  The city rallied and a non profit was formed to preserve the space and turn it into a museum.

They named it the Philadelphia Magic Gardens.

One thing to know about the garden.  Because it is so small and twisty, they only sell a limited number of tickets for each half hour entry.  Once in, you can stay as long as you please, but they want to limit the amount of persons in the place at one time so as not to damage the art.  I can’t describe the tranquility one feels when they are in the garden, but I can share my interpretation through photos.  I finally got a chance to really play with my camera, and put that photography class knowledge to use.

Let me know your favorite!!! I’m dying to know how I did!

On first entering the garden
edit 2 - Copy (2)
Finally, some good light!

edit 3 - Copy (2)Edit 9 - CopyEdit 5 - Copy (2)

edit 4 - Copy (2)
How did Joker get in there!
Edit 8
I love how you can see the contrast of the textures here
Edit 7 - Copy
Whooo are you looking at?

Edit 6edit 10 - Copy

Edit 11 - Copy

As a side note, though I enjoyed not having to fight off a furball for my side of the bed, I did miss my puppy babies.  I made sure to point out every dog that we saw to Joker throughout the trip.

Well that’s all I’ve got about our adventure to Philly!



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