Trying New Things: Writing Class

I started this blog a year ago with the initial purpose of challenging myself to reach my goal of becoming a published author.  It’s always been a bucket list of mine to write a book or a novella of my own to share with the world.  The blog has evolved from there to include What I’m Reading and my experiences Trying New Things. I’ve also discussed my journey to personal discovery as I manage my life as a physical therapist while balancing life with mental illness and my healing from an abusive marriage.

In short, this blog has become a place where I have really been able to explore who I am.  I’ve been able to deal with what I’ve been through, and work on becoming the best me I can be!


I have not forgotten the original goal I had of becoming a published author.  So to move me closer to that goal, I joined a writing class.  I figured that this would be a good way for me to meet other writers, start to get more officially involved with the writing community and learn where to start when writing a book.

The class that I signed up for is called “Elements of Fiction Writing.” It’s a four-week class that is set to provide an overview of writing a novel.   I had intended to write this blog after completing the course, but several of the sessions were snowed out this March.  So I’m now halfway through the course.

The course recommends that you come with a partially finished manuscript to review, but I did not have anything truly into a rough draft yet.  I have been inspired to set up a true writing space in my home. (More on this later).  This week I have been starting to hash out some details of the book I want to write.  I’m not sure yet what genre I want to get into.  So we shall see what transpires!

Wish me luck!


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