The Fight to a Flight

After finally deciding to take the plunge and fly to Nebraska for Joker’s business conference, we finally booked a flight!

Initially, we planned to leave from our local airport, and arrive in Nebraska about 8pm local time on Thursday.  We had booked with a certain airline that has a directional name.  Unfortunately, that airline has also had a recent issue with an engine malfunction leading to a fairly high profile crash landing and death.

So for an extra safety check out the plane was pulled out of service, and our flight canceled.  FOUR HOURS before we were to leave!!!

Immediate panic ensued.  The Berkshire-Hathaway conference is the largest conference for value-investors, and is lead by the “Oracle of Omaha,” Mr. Warren Buffet’s company.  Naturally, everyone in their brother comes for this event!

So getting a flight to Omaha was nearly out of the question, especially from our small New England airport.

Nevertheless, Joker persisted and we ended up taking a flight out of La Guardia (which is a three-hour drive from our house), the same day and flying directly to Des Moines, Iowa.  We had to take a different airline which happens to be named after a Greek Letter.  Praise them!  Des Moines is a mere 2-hour drive to Omaha.  Basically, you take three turns out of the airport onto I-80 and proceed another 94 miles.

On. Straight. Straight. Road.

The most exciting sight was a very large windmill, which Joker went crazy to see.  I had seen them near the Cape before so that was not so so exciting to me.

We arrived at our hotel for a very late check-in.  Two am local time, feeling like three am to me!  You would think I hit the bed and passed out, but I was a little hopped up on adrenaline after the craziness of the day and a long name in the car on the way to the airport and a little nervous to be helping out at an event for Joker’s company the next day.

Luckily, we arrived!  I did have to arrange for more time off on Tuesday though, as I was expecting to get back late Sunday/early Monday morning and now going to return late Monday/early Tuesday!  Luckily, Cowgirl has my back and we worked out a late arrival.

By the time this posts, I’ll likely already be back home, but wish us safe travels anyways!


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