Getting Organized

There never seem to be enough hours in the day.

I mean, there always seems to be time to waste my life watching YouTube… or HGTV… But, there never seems to be enough time to get everything done.

So, I decided to stage my life an intervention and get back to basics.

I bought a planner.

My New Planner

I have many fond memories of using paper planners and in fact, I did use them from the time they were first introduced in grade school through my college years and beyond. The first year I was married, I had a wall calendar that I used as my go-to. At work, I have carried tiny note-books or kept ongoing lists on my daily schedule.

It seems though that my ability to be efficient and manage my time wisely is slipping away from me. So after some extensive research, I decided to get this planner from Prettysweeeet through Amazon. I’ve been using it already for a week, and I’m noticing a HUGE difference in my quality of life.

You see… planners have come a LONG way since grade school. This one not only helps you to organize your schedule but, also helps to organize your life! It’s set up for goal setting and goal achieving as well.

Directions are included.
You Standard Calendar
Daily Calendar for Appointment Scheduling
A Monthly Summary for Reflection
Encouraging Good Habits!

As you can see, there are a variety of layouts, and it’s not dated. I rather like that because if I slip up one month, I can move on without wasting pages. I hope that doesn’t really happen though. I’m already back in the habit of looking at and setting up the book each day. It doesn’t take long and it really has been helpful to me to be reflecting more than letting my brain veg out completely night after night.

So though I might not be giving up Fixer Upper for good, I’m definitely working towards making more meaningful choices with my time. Afterall, time is a limited supply, and you never know when your pen will be out of ink.

Be well, Be organized,

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