Cleaning Up/Cleaning Out

If you’ve been following along with me you will know that over the winter I re-did my kitchen and living room floors, which was followed by Joker’s quick close and mad move into the Phoenix’s nest.  Though we have been working so hard at cleaning up the house, we just had hit a standstill.

Then A came up for a visit from Mexico and there was a really tight deadline to get the house cleaned out as much as possible and it encompassed our every waking moment.  It was exhausting.

Naturally, while A was here, there was not much that could be done.  When she left, we got back to it.  But, having been pretty much seven months of clutter, upset and fatigue we were just tapped out. I didn’t even know where to start anymore, and I was just ready to give up.  Joker also was frustrated and every time something was misplaced or space was needed, it turned into an argument.

So, my therapist suggested hiring a professional organizer.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what that was!  As it turns out, there are people that you can hire to come into your home and help you declutter and organize.  After meeting a few people, we hired K.  It didn’t cost nearly as much as I would have thought.  She’s come twice so far and the kitchen is 97% done and functional to use!  We have started cooking again.

My anxiety levels have decreased tremendously.  Now, I know that even though there are still a lot of messy areas, K will be back on x date and we will dedicate a block of time to really focus and get things done.  Joker is more relaxed too, now that he has been through the process and realized that it’s not as scary as we thought.

I’m really happy with the decision, and I finally feel like we are returning to our “normal,” where we were last summer.  I have no second-guessing about our decision to live in the Phoenix nest.  It’s a crazy little life, but it’s ours.


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