My Scary (Most Recent) #MeToo

I’ve been reading a lot about this #metoo movement.  I know that some men feel attacked as if women are saying that ALL men are the same.  I know for me that’s not the case, however, I have also shared the experience of being sexually harassed.  In the most recent episode, even my workplace at 5pm on a sunny evening wasn’t safe.  I wanted to share with you all because I think it’s important to talk about.

I had stopped downstairs to talk to my staff in the gym, and I should note my office provides a nearly 360-degree view of me when I am working because of the windows that surround it. I noticed outside that there was a landscaper with a leaf blower cleaning up the area outside the office. He waved to me inside the office.  I waved back initially because my company is EXTREMELY friendly and big on acknowledging one another.  I noted that he waved to me an additional three times, and my staff E asked if I knew him.  I jokingly said that I must be looking extra cute today.

When I was leaving the building, I was walking out myself.  The man was no longer near the windows but was over with some additional workers near the employee entrance.  As I walked under the carport, which was further from him, I noticed him quickly come towards where I was, leaf blowing the entire time.  I sped up at little at this point, as I was starting to feel uncomfortable.  He followed me into the carport and waved at me 2 more times when I turned to look back to see if he was increasing speed as well.  He was.  I got up to the lot where my car was and realized there was no one else around, and I ran from the entrance to the parking lot to my car.  If you know me, you would know that this is not my norm!  I usually say if you see me running, assume there is ice cream or zombies.

I got to my car, jumped in, started it and nailed it out of the parking spot, making sure my car was locked.  As I turned the car around I noticed the man was not standing in the middle of the entrance to the parking lot.  There is only one direction to exit that lot so I had to drive towards him, and he indicated for me to slow down, which I did not.  As I approached him, he continued to wave and indicate for me to roll down my window.  He began to cat-call me and made kissing faces and started shouting at my while pointing towards his mouth and licking his lips.  In my panic to get away from the lot, I nearly collided with a silver car that had fully tinted windows.

I have worked some sketchy-ass places and this is not one of them.  I’ve been more likely to have someone watching out for me in the middle of the city (homeless people can be very kind).

I think right now I’m not gonna talk about the aftermath of the situation, but I will write a follow-up post about it b/c there is a lot that happened and a lot of emotion.  I now feel a little panic and a shudder anytime I see the landscaping crew… but like Joker says, it’s not like he was wanting to shake my hand when he met me had it gotten that far.



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