Saying Good-Bye to Jumpy Dog

July 25

Jumpy dog had a rough start in life. He was nine months old when Joker adopted him, and he was severely emaciated. He had been thrown out of a car and was found wandering around down south. He was the last of the dogs at the adoption event Joker attended that day.

Jumpy dog and I met about three years ago when I met Joker. He was a sweet little guy, but shy. I got greeted well, but was regarded warily for some time. By July, he had accepted me as one of the pack. He would sometimes come to the couch and sneeze at my until I put up the recliner part so he could cuddle. He would even show me his belly and ask for belly rubs.

Jumpy Dog, not sure what to make of me…


He loved to sit on the end of the recliner and snuggle

Because of his earlier hardships, Jumpy dog was very food motivated. One might even say he was a little food aggressive. We did feed him in a separate part of the house. However, in the month of June he seemed to get pickier. He was skipping meals, and somewhat lethargic.

Naturally, we took him to the vet. There were a few wrong diagnoses and we tried this med and that, but nothing seemed to work. The vet suggested an ultrasound. By this time, he had seemed to take a turn for the better, so we were really unprepared to hear anything of note when the vet came in that day.

“He has what’s known as hemangiosarcoma.”

The rest kind of faded away as we realized our little boo was truly and severely ill. Unfortunately, this cancer is very aggressive. It was also very advanced, as it often is by the time it gets discovered. We were told that having it surgically removed would only buy him another 3-6 months max. Do nothing and he would pass from internal bleeding.


In the end, we couldn’t see putting him through such an extensive surgery for such a short prognosis. We weighed the pros and cons. A few short days later, we brought him in for a peaceful passing. He had already started to bleed.

A last day treat of ice cream at our favorite Ice Cream Shop



Those eyebrows though….
Getting lots of love from Joker

Saying good-bye was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I did not grow up with pets, so this was my first final farewell. I took it very hard, and I’m still struggling with missing him. We have four other dogs in the house right now, yet the house feels empty to me.  I even keep forgetting that he is not here, and I keep grabbing five treats from the cookie jar.

Even though it was hard to lose Jumpy dog, I was glad that I got the opportunity to know him and to be his momma for even a short period of time.  He was so loved, and I hope he felt that throughout his life and especially in his last days with us.

Until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge my friend!


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